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1944 Vickers Gun Pouches

An excellent set of ammunition pouches designed primarily for the Vickers 'K' gun, not to be confused with Lewis gun pouches.

This set is dated 1944 in each pouch, with all straps and yoke present. This set has remained untouched from storage and appears unissued.

The lewis gun pouches bear buckles for attachment to a 37 pattern waist belt, with the addition of facilities for cross straps to be threaded through the shoulder yoke.

This set is maker marked 'M E Co' for the Mills Equipment Company and dated 1944, though one stamp is fainter than the other.


Code: 50680

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Further Images: 1944 Vickers K Gun Pouches


Code: 50681


1942 Pistol Holster 1937 Pattern

Standard issue 37 pattern pistol holster, as supplied to other ranks and officers issued with a pistol.

This example is faintly stamped but appears to be dated 1942 and made by the Mills Equipment Company. It has been treated in a light 103 shade blanco.

Overall condition is complete and functional, with some minor marks to the body.

Code: 50682


Fox's Khaki Serge Puttees Full Length

Full length pair of khaki woollen puttees, made by Fox's and complete with the correct left and right brass tabs on each flat end.

These puttees were privately purchased and were often used by officers and OTC cadets, due to their superior quality and shaped fit.

This pair have been well used and have several tears and spots of moth damage as pictured. The tapes remain intact and strong, when displayed and wound correctly the damage would be hidden.


Code: 50683

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Further Images: Fox's Khaki Serge Puttees Full Length


Code: 50684


Great War Raw Edge Helmet Shell

Great War rimless steel helmet shell, dating from around 1916.

This shell is a correct wartime example of the raw edge shell that preceded the B pattern helmet with a folded rim to the edge in 1917. The metalwork has no paint left, yet an overall texture resulting from a wartime texturised repaint. There is a manufacturer's stamp to the rear but remains largely illegible.

The chinstrap mounts have been drilled out, possibly for use as a flower pot as befell many helmets of all nationalities after the war.

Code: 50686


Great War Blue Enamel Water Bottle

Standard issue Great War period blue enamel water bottle, featuring the correct top seam for the period.

This example is well used and has some enamel loss to the top and some marks to the underside. There is no cover or cork and so is priced accordingly.

Code: 50685

20.00 GBP

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General Service Wool Collarless Shirt

Standard wartime example of the collarless shirt, as used by all non- commissioned British troops throughout the war.

This is a later war example, fitted with plastic buttons as opposed to zinc as early war versions were. This shirt has been converted to fit a detachable collar. This was a common modification before troops were issued wth a collared shirt. Another such method was to obtain American issue collared shirts.

The material and nap of cloth is very good, with little wear, only some fading to the collar which is a common occurrence. The collar bears manufacturing stamps and the broad arrow War Department stamp, along with a red stitched initial, to aid identification after washing.

There is little wear and no damage apart from a small L shaped rip in one sleeve, a very simple repair if desired.

Approximately 14 inch collar size and 40 inch chest.

An excellent example of the late-war British army shirt.

Code: 50489

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Pre-War Inter- War Officers 1930s Plus Fours

Excellent scarce pair of officer's plus fours or 'knickerbockers', as was a relatively popular but short lived trend among army officer's in the mid-late 1930s.

This example is made in fine barathea cloth as opposed to the whipcord that some were manufactured in. They retain their original tailors shop tag, tied to the front button hole, stating 'Plus Fours' as the item along with a product code. Amazingly they also have their paper product label tacked to the rear, that would have been used to record date of manufacture and removed upon use.

Therefore that whilst there is some minor damage to the trousers, they would appear not to have been used. There is a small amount of moth to the rear of one leg, as well as some damage to one of the leg securing cuffs.

The plus fours are lined in waxed gauze and cotton with a full compliment of light brown unmarked tailors buttons. They feature a single brass buckle on each leg to secure the cuff closed. The brass buttons are stamped 'Sword Make' with the emblem of two crossed swords, possibly indicating Wilkinson Sword manufacture.

Approximate sizes:

Waist: 33.5 Inches
Leg: 26 Inches

Code: 50334


1942 Mounted/ Motor Cyclist Breeches

A good clean example of the breeches worn my motor cyclists or mounted soldiers.

Dated 1942 on the original label fixed to the rear, stamped as a size 5 and complete with all brass buttons and stamped 0 with the War Department arrow signifying 1942 manufacture.

Approximate size 31-32 inch waist, 5 ft 5- 5 ft 6.

There are a few small moth holes but nothing that detracts from the overall appearance.

Code: 50016

45.00 GBP

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