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Great War CSM Named Military Police Leather Equipment Set

This period set has been built using a mixture of officer's Sam Browne equipment, 1903 pattern and presumably private purchase. Similar hybrid sets can be seen in Great War photographs, used by senior NCO's. The set is named on two parts to 'CSM MOORE' and 'EM' on another; the 'M' presumably standing for 'Moore'. Despite this nothing more is known about the owner. None of the parts appear to be dated or maker marked at all. The set is very similar to sets used by military police NCOs.

The pistol holster and ammunition pouch conform to the standard Sam Browne officer's equipment, yet the belt is a standard other ranks 1903 pattern. The cross strap has a clip to secure to the holster, yet a very thin loop to the rear just wide enough for the belt. I am guessing that this is private purchase item, the last component is what may be a hip protector. It consists of a semi-circle of leather, with two loops for the 03 belt to pass through. Whilst this is a more modern concept I can only imagine that this was to prevent heavy equipment rubbing on the hips.

Condition is used but generally very sound, indeed the only damage is some surface scuffing to the ammunition pouch. There is some crinkling to both the pouch and the holster. Inside the holster was a bit of 1989 newspaper used to pad it out for display, this gives some idea of how long is has likely been in one collection.

At maximum extension, the belt measures approximately 37 inches at very most.

Overall a very unusual example of a Senior NCO's equipment set up. It is difficult to see exactly how the set was worn, I have displayed it as best I can but it may well have been worn differently. This is something seldom encountered these days.

Please note the tunic is not included with this item, it is the equipment set only.

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US Army/ USAAF Officer's Short Overcoat 36L

Excellent example of the overcoat used by US Army/ Air Force officers throughout the Second World War. Regulation issue with two lower patch pockets and an inside slash pocket. This pattern was not belted.

This coat is in excellent clean condition, with only very minor wear throughout. The internal tag stating size and depot information is intact inside the internal pocket, as is the cotton size label in the back of the neck.

All buttons are present except for one small button that is missing from the inside tab as pictured. The material nap is good, patches have been removed from both upper arms; however evidence of this is very faint.

Size is 36 Long, I would estimate this to fit up to a 36-38 chest depending on layers worn underneath and be suitable for up to 6ft 2/3.

Please note that the shirt and scarf pictured are for display only and are not included.

Code: 50144

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Pre- WW1 Victorian Period Bone Handle Jack Knife

Interesting example of a jack knife as used by the British Army dating to the pre-war era. This example is made by Baum Brothers Ltd and marked as such on the bottom of the blade.

This version features bone handle grips and a copper ring as featured on jack knifes up until early WW2. This is the two bladed variety with no spear blade.

Unfortunately this example has suffered from the vulnerability of the material to age. Both grips have suffered damage to them, with one side worse than the other. The blades themselves feature some pitting and are very stiff to move. This knife would benefit from a good clean up and oiling, yet remains a difficult item to find in any condition.

'Baum Brothers Ltd' were operating under their namesake from 1904 until 1925 when the company went into voluntarily liquidation.

Code: 50185

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1945 Large First Aid Vehicle Tin AFV

Large first aid tin for the Armoured Fighting Vehicle.

Stamped 'OUTFIT, FIRST-AID FOR ARMOURED FIGHTING FIGHTING VEHICLES' and dated April 1945 (4 45) either side of the embossed broad arrow mark to the top centre.

The tin has seen a fair bit of use and has a large percentage of paint missing as well as surface rust. This would likely be removed with a light oil and clean. There is some amount of blue paint to the front.

There is also some green paint that has been crudely applied to one side over a previous stamping.

Nonetheless the hinges work well and would only benefit from a light clean.

Code: 50275

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RCAF WAG Officer's Service Dress Aircrew Uniform ACE CVSM

An excellent Royal Canadian Air Force officer's service dress, an early uniform to a Flying Officer trained as a Wireless Operator and Air Gunner.

This uniform is regrettably unnamed and unattributed, it did however come from Canada; and given the badges and labels it is possible to build some sort of picture on this basis. It is the standard wartime pattern four pocket jacket, with four button closure and self-belt stitched at the rear. The trousers feature the common high back of the period, with brace buttons and button fly front, with a metal catch the front of the waistband. These features are commonly seen on British uniforms; where Canadian made trousers sometimes feature a zip fly.

The uniform itself was tailored in Luton, making it a British made set fitted with RAF buttons as opposed to the RCAF versions. This is a combination sometimes seen among Canadian aircrew in the UK. The tailors label reads 'BUTTON BROTHERS LUTON', and is a tailors that I have not yet encountered. Therefore this man had the uniform made whilst serving in England, and ended up returning to Canada with it. The Wireless Air Gunner brevet is fitted correctly above the left breast pocket, just above a detachable pin back medal ribbon pair. The ribbons include the Air Crew Europe Star and the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal. The CVSM was introduced in October 1943 and indicates that he volunteered for active service and completed 18 months of service.

The jacket is fitted with what appear to be cut down RCAF albatross badges, made with darker backing than the more common 'Canada' titles. These have been hand stitched to the shoulders.

Condition wise, the uniform has suffered a certain amount of moth damage, with a degree of service wear. There is a few small moth nips to the front button of the jacket, and a smattering to the back as pictured. There is some slight bobbling to the wool under the armpits. The lining is in generally good clean shape.

The trousers have suffered some damage to the crotch area as well as the the inside of one leg at the hem. This is also pictured, along with some grease or oil marks, which may well clean out. The belt has been crudely repaired to one side where the stitching had evidently come loose. These could be repaired if desired, and they in no way detract from the overall look of the uniform.

The uniform is a taller fitting size and approximately a 38 chest and 32 waist.

Overall this is a well used set, clearly belonging to an RCAF aircrew member who volunteered and served from the UK flying operations over Europe. The size makes this a very displayable set that would likely suit an average build mannequin. A delightful set, perfect for any RAF, RCAF or Commonwealth collection.


Code: 50449

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RAF Dinghy First Aid Outfit Survival Tin

A well used RAF first aid outfit tin as used in the larger RAF dinghy, this type of tin was issued as survival equipment to heavy bomber crews.

Unfortunately there is a certain amount of wear to the surface of the tin which has obscured some of the lettering.

The inside of the tin is clean and there is still remains of the seal used to secure the tin and keep it airtight.

There are no visible stamps to the reverse.

Code: 50505

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1952 Ammo Boots Size 6M

Good pair of Post-War 1952 dated ammo boots, made by J. Lees & Co. This pair have had the added sole and retain their original laces, while the original owner has had his number stamped into the top of the heel as pictured. His number corresponds to the R. Signals number block.

The leather is in great shape overall with a good smooth uniform shine and no major scuffs or damage. The tongues of each boot have been cut down the middle by the wearer, most likely his preference for wear.

They retain studs, heel and toe plates. The soles are not worn down, neither are the heels which appear in good all round order.

They are marked a size 6M (Medium).

Code: 50278

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Great War MGC/ Tank Corps .455 Leather Shoulder Holster

Extremely scarce bit of kit, the open top leather shoulder holster as used by crews of the Tank Corps.

Made by H. G. R and possibly dated 1915, however the date is too worn to accurately tell. From what I can gather these holsters were used by members of the Tank Corps and the machine Gun Corps.

The number '1820440' has been stamped underneath the top securing strap, I believe this number block corresponds to the Machine Gun Corps.

Condition is fair, there is overall wear to the patina throughout and some loss of the surface leather in some areas as pictured. There is also some hairline cracking to the leather where is has dried out. The brass stud for the top strap has come loose and would need re-stitching back into place. This would not be a hard fix.

The leather strap is in fairly good condition as is most of the stitching. There is one tear measuring about 2 inches at the bottom of the holster, this could do with being glued back into place with leather glue. However it does not detract when displayed.

A very difficult item of Great War equipment to find. Please see further images for this item.

Please note the tunic displayed with the holster is not sold with this lot.


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1944 RAF Airman's Field Service Side Cap

Fair example of the other airmans blue/ grey forage cap, made by J Compton Sons & Webb Ltd and dated 1944.

This example features both bakelite buttons to the front and bakelite plastic cap badge as well. It is marked as a size 7.

The inside lining and sweatband is generally very clean and is not coated in hair cream like many other examples. The nap of cloth is very good, however there are two moth holes to one side, one at the front by the buttons and one towards the rear.

Despite the damage this cap, it would display very well.

Code: 50465


USAAF Aviation Cadet Garrison Cap

Lovely garrison cap of a USAAF Aviation Cadet, complete with correct blue and yellow braiding and winged propellor of an Aviation Cadet.

The badge has twin screw posts to the back and is in good condition.

Condition is generally very good, there is very slight wear to the cloth from use and the sweatband has worn. There is some slight damage to the polished cotton lining as pictured, nonetheless the cap remains in very original condition.

Size is approximately a 6 7/8.

Good example of a more difficult to find item of USAAF headgear.


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