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1945 British Ammo Boots Size 11S

Excellent pair of British Other Ranks ammunition boots, dated 1945 and in a good large size 11S.

This pair are in very good condition, with no major scuffs or dents just mild service wear. The correct two-layer soles are in good shape, with no excessive wear. The heel and toe plates are in place, with the toe plate featuring the correct later war economy style with one screw removed. The soles themselves have not been studded.

They are marked inside with a circular manufacture stamp and the date of 1945, both boots are stamped the same and the heel of each bears War Department stamps. They look to have been stored for some time, as the toe caps look slightly flat, as though they have been stacked underneath others. This could likely be rectified.

Overall an excellent example in large size that would display very well. Wartime examples are becoming harder to find.

Code: 50369


Pre-War Royal Marines Service Dress Tunic

A lovely example of the pre-war Service Dress jacket, bearing a full compliment of matching Royal Marines buttons. This jacket is the 1902/07 pattern jacket in it's 5th modification, dating to the 1930s.

Service Dress was the standard uniform before the introduction of battle dress, just prior to the start of the war. Curiously this jacket has never had collar titles or even shoulder titles fitted. This jacket conforms to the pre-war pattern, featuring an unlined collar that only became lined in 1940 alongside the battle dress jacket.

This jacket is in very good condition, with an excellent nap of cloth and exceptionally clean lining. Whilst this jacket has clearly been issued, it has seen very little use. Unfortunately there is some damage to the rear of the collar as pictured, along with some small moth holes that are barely visible. There appears to be no visible War Department stamps to the lining.

Approximate sizes in inches:
18.5 pit to pit
17.5 waist laid flat
27.5 back of collar to hem
25 Shoulder seam to cuff

Despite this, the overall condition is excellent and perfect for a Royal Marines or pre-war/ early-war display.


Code: 50476


Named Pre-War RAF Officers Mess 1930s Dress Trousers

Scarce pair of pre-WW2 RAF mess dress trousers, featuring the correct gold braid stripe down the outer side of each leg. This pattern of mess dress is more difficult to find owing to the fact that mess dress was not worn during the war, with the post-war pattern removing the braid from the leg.

This pair were tailored by 'O.W. FULCHER & Co 24 SAVILE ROW. W.1' and names to an 'R. G. BUCKLEY', no research has been undertaken. They feature a high V-cut fishtail back, with two slash pockets and a ticket pocket. They retain their straps and buckle for securing under the boots, however the leather has suffered to a certain extent as pictured.

Condition wise, there are several small moth holes about the legs and front, with two small patches of what look like grease to the rear of one leg as shown. The braid itself is in excellent shape overall.

Approximate sizes:

Waist: 33 Inches
Leg: 35 Inches

Overall whilst there is some overall wear, these trousers are quite scarce.

Code: 50335


Burma KIA Lancashire Fusiliers 1/8th Territorial CSM Insignia Grouping

A poignant grouping of insignia to a territorial soldier CSM Thomas William Sidlow, of the 1/8th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.

It is a modern framing, yet very well done with original serge backing and printed card inscription.

Research yields that CSM Sidlow was killed in action on the 19th March 1945. He is buried at Taukkyan War Cemetery (Plot 17.D.3). He is also commemorated at Atherton Cemetery in the UK.

The 1/8th Battalion went to France as part of the BEF in 1940 and were evacuation. They remained part of the 4th Infantry Brigade 2nd Division from May 1940 - August 1945. They arrived in India in June 1942 and were sent to Burma in April 1944.

The grouping includes his identity disc, with handwritten name and number corresponding to records. The handwritten details are consistent with territorial and reserve forces discs. His bi-metal cap badge, brass shoulder titles, brass WO crowns and assault pioneer trade badge are mounted around the disc. The Warrant Officer crowns are interesting in that they are the theatre made sand cast varieties. All badges are in good condition, though the slider is missing from the cap badge where it has been mounted.

There are also two coins mounted, one being an Indian Quarter from 1935 and a South African penny from 1934. These souvenirs are suggestive that Sidlow was sent to India in 1942. It is not known if he served in France in 1940, however given his senior NCO status as a territorial it is quite possible.

Unusually above the identity disc is what appears to be a Women's Land Army flash from an armband. It is likely this was from a sweetheart and mounted as a such, a tragic and very human inclusion.

A sad but very interesting grouping, a worthy addition to any collection.


Code: 50438

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US WAC Women's Garrison Cap

Garrison cap to the US Women's Army Corps (WAC), the first women to serve in the US Army other than nurses. Over 150,000 women served in the WAC during the Second World War.

This cap is in very good overall shape, but is unfortunately missing the cap badge. The holes are visible where it has been.

The cap appears to be a larger size, marked as a 23.

Code: 50344

40.00 GBP

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US Airborne Artillery Glider EM Garrison Cap

Wonderful example of the Enlisted Man's Garrison cap for glider-borne artillery.

This features the crimson piping to the cap and later pattern glider artillery patch to the left side. The patch is hand stitched to the cap.

There is no lining to this example and on the sweatband is a stencilled number 'S3954'.

Overall the condition is very good and clean. It is only a little grubby to the lining with some minor mothing to the front as pictured.

Code: 50204

75.00 GBP

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Royal Engineers Greetings Card from 159 BDS British North African Force

Lovely unique surviving example of a theatre sent greetings cards.

It was sent from '26807 Spr J. Johnston' to a 'MRS. J. JOHNSTON 12 PHILLIP. ST. WARRINGTON LANC'S ENGLAND'.

The message reads 'CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN' 'From your ever loving husband, Jim. with love XXXX'

There is some associated wear, creasing from folding that has weakened it slightly. The tones are bold and are not too yellowed by time, likely a result of display in a frame.


Code: 50179


Great War D Shaped Mess Tin

Fine late war example of the D shaped mess tin as used by all British and Commonwealth troops.

This example is the later version without external retaining loops as seen on pre-WW1 and early war examples. This pattern of mess tin stayed in use up to the Second World War.

The metalwork is in good worn condition, with only some patches of minor surface rust as pictured. The internal handle on the lid functions fine, there is some blackening to the metal as expected with prolonged field use.

Code: 50493

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Pre-War RAF Stiff Service Dress Cap

A scarce pre-war example of the RAF Other Airman's peaked Service Dress cap, prior to the introduction of the Field Service side cap. This cap is commonly seen in use during the 1920s and 1930s.

This example features RAF brass cap badge, leather chin strap, mohair band and cotton covered buttons.

The inside bears a black oilskin base and leather sweatband with a red thread stitch. The sweatband is inked with the black Air Inspection Department stamp, however no other solid markings are evident.

The serge material is generally very good and clean, apart from some minor moth damage to the top. The strap and badge are in fine fettle, however the black peak has suffered some storage damage it would seem. The leather sweatband has some amount of re-stitching or reinforcement. The cotton covering to the buttons has heavily worn.

Approximate size: 55/56

Despite the issues with this cap, it remains a hard to find pre-war item of RAF headwear and would display brilliantly.

Code: 50492


1914 90 Round 1903 Pattern Bandolier

A well used example of the 9 pocket version of the 1903 bandolier, intended for use by mounted troops.

This particular bandolier is faintly dated 1914 along with a broad arrow mark and a few other illegible stamps.

The leather is generally in sound condition, however there is one slight spit to one pocket flap as pictured. There is a more modern repair to the leather at the rear, that has been patched. The adjuster strap appears to have been shortened at some point.

The leather would benefit from a slight feed and polish to rejuvenate it, as there is minor scuffing throughout.

Overall, a fair example of an iconic bit of Great War mounted equipment.

Code: 50498

120.00 GBP

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