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1944 Denim Battle Dress Working Overall Trousers


Code: 10321

A splendid pair of denim overall battle dress trousers, in a large size and dated 1944 on the original issue label.

The denim battle dress sets were used in many theatres of war, from standard working dress in the UK to cooler uniform issue in Italy. This economy pattern is seemingly more difficult to find, with the early-war pattern and post war dated sets being seen far more often.

This is a well used pair but largely in good condition, with the only actual damage being a hole to the front thigh where the brace button has pulled through. Aside from this there is just overall wear and no serious marking to the fabric, only some overall grubbiness. All but one of the brace buttons are missing, yet all the tapes inside the waistband are present. 

There has been some modification on the part of the wearer who has lengthened the cuffs to add an extra 2.5 inches to the leg length. At some stage a pair of belt loops from an early pair of trousers have been attached to the hips, though only one is still present.

The size is marked on the label but it is difficult to read aside from the date 1944. The actual approximate size is 38-39 waist and 28 inch inside leg. 

An above average used pair of wartime denim trousers, that have been customised. These are becoming harder to find in favour of early pattern or post-war denim.