Early War British Leather Jerkin

Early War British Leather Jerkin

Code: 10330


A well used example of the cold weather leather jerkin, initially introduced during the First World War and remaining in use in a modified form during the Second World War. These were standard issue to all troops and are a common sight alongside greatcoats throughout the course of the war.

This example likely dates from the early war period circa 1940, due to the early calico type label that is now mostly obliterated of details. The War Department stamp without a letter code or accompanying numbers, is also often seen on items of uniform made in 1940.

The condition is rather rough, with several areas of cracking that have been crudely glued back together, along with an overall wear to the leather. There are also areas of white paint on the internal blanket lining. All buttons are present, though they may have been replaced.

The chest measures approximately 22 inches laid flat. Being designed for wear over battle dress, it would be fair to estimate the size as around a 40 chest. This jerkin has seen a lot of service and wear, but is an earlier example and ideal for a field display.