1945 Austerity Pattern Battle Dress Blouse

1945 Austerity Pattern Battle Dress Blouse

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An excellent example of the 1940 pattern economy battle dress blouse, from 1945 and in a larger size 12.

This example was made by 'Black & Co (Clothiers) Ltd' and is in exceptional condition. There is no moth damage to the material, which has a great nap to it and is still very woolly in texture. The lining is in excellent clean shape throughout with no tears or rips, there is none of the usual grubbiness to the lining.

There is a Z letter code stamped to the inside lining, whilst a small purple issue stamp on the label is dated 7th January 1946. Therefore this jacket was made in 1945 and issued in 1946. The label has a name handwritten on it, therefore this example was issued but most likely never saw any serious use. This is probably due to the introduction of new patterns of battle dress in the late 1940s.

Overall an excellent example, free from moth damage and in a desirable size.