1939 MKII British Steel Helmet

1939 MKII British Steel Helmet

Code: 10390


A well used but honest example of a standard issue MKII steel helmet, dated 1939 with evidence of a decal having been removed from the front. It is not known exactly what type of marking was removed.

This is an early MKII helmet, with a round cruciform head cushion pad to the centre of the liner, this was replaced with a cross type pad in 1940. The shell is finished in its original semi-gloss service brown paint both inside and out, and has never been repainted. The chinstrap is the early pattern webbing type as opposed to the later ribbed cotton drill version, having had the name 'Priestley' inked onto it. The liner is in very good shape throughout, with all cushion spacers, tightening cord and blackened brass washer. The exterior of the shell has a fair amount of service wear and scratches including a fair sized dent to one side. Aside form this abvious use, the paint remains to the outside in a good proportion. There is a small amount of white paint to the rear, though appears to scratch off if desired.

The decal appears to have been rubbed and scratched off some time ago, it appears as a faint large tombstone shape, despite the wear to the shell this helmet is a good honestly used example.