1940 Early War BEF Spade Shovel Brades

1940 Early War BEF Spade Shovel Brades

Code: 10316


A good solid example of the early war spade shovel that was trialed by the army alongside the 1937 pattern equipment, and saw some limited use amongst the BEF in France & Belgian in 1939/40.

The design itself proved very unpopular, even to the point of being discarded by many BEF troops during the Battle of France. This pattern of shovel was issued to accompany the 1937 pattern equipment as a stop gap, having decided to phase out entrenching tools from equipment from 1923. This pattern of shovel was introduced in late 1939 and issued early in 1940. Despite being seen in some training images post 1940, it was not an effective design and was once again phased out in favour of the older design that had previously served alongside the 1908 webbing.

This example is in good used condition, with some light pitting and loss of finish to the metalwork. The woodwork is in the same condition and has been stamped 'D' alongside 'KCC', this is believed to mark that it was issued to the Kent County Council after the war. The metalwork is stamped 'Brades 1940'.

All in all, a good used example of a scarce shovel that was only in production for a reasonably short period of time.