1915 Canadian Army Khaki Kit Bag

1915 Canadian Army Khaki Kit Bag

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A lovely dated example of a Great War kit bag, made in Canada in 1915.

This khaki example is complete with its original securing cord and some very faint hand written details to the front and underside, though they are now illegible through wear. The makers stamp 'Smart- Woods Limited Ottawa' is clear along with the date 1915.

The condition is fair with some patches of staining and marking in places, along with some overall wear. The eyelets remain in good condition as is the securing cord. The seam has begun to come apart from the top a few inches down as pictured, it is limited to the stitching and there is no damage to the material so would be an easy repair if desired. There are a number of small holes in places through use, generally the condition is fair but heavily used.