Named Royal Garrison Artillery Officer's Map Case & Notepad

Named Royal Garrison Artillery Officer's Map Case & Notepad

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An excellent officers map case dating to the Great War, named to Captain H Derbyshire of the Royal Garrison Artillery. According to the 1916 Army List, this officer was promoted to temporary Captain with seniority from September 1915.

The case is complete with an "A" form signals and messages pad, handwritten range card, and MkIII telephone instructions. The instructions bear his name to the top, indicating that the paperwork has remained intact within the case since its service life.

The case is in good overall condition, with some minor service wear and some marking. The leather yoke and hanger is also in good solid shape, with the leather having had period reinforcing stitches added. There are also some hand stitches added to the rear of the outer case, these appear reinforcing stitches and not to remedy any damage. The plastic cover inside the case has suffered some minor cracking to the corners as pictured, and has lost its canvas cover to the rear.

Overall a very nice named example, complete with some of its original contents.