Great War MGC/ Tank Corps .455 Leather Shoulder Holster

Great War MGC/ Tank Corps .455 Leather Shoulder Holster

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A rather scarce bit of kit, the open top leather shoulder holster as used by crews of the Tank Corps.

Made by H. G. R and possibly dated 1915, however the date is too worn to accurately tell. From what I can gather these holsters were used by members of the Tank Corps and the machine Gun Corps.

The number '1820440' has been stamped underneath the top securing strap, I believe this number block corresponds to the Machine Gun Corps.

Condition is fair, there is overall wear to the patina throughout and some loss of the surface leather in some areas as pictured. There is also some hairline cracking to the leather where is has dried out. The brass stud for the top strap has come loose and would need re-stitching back into place. This would not be a hard fix.

The leather strap is in fairly good condition as is most of the stitching. There is one tear measuring about 2 inches at the bottom of the holster, this could do with being glued back into place with leather glue. However it does not detract when displayed.

Attached is a contemporary studio photograph showing it being worn, a seldom encountered item of Great War equipment.