Great War Hunsicker & Alexis Officers Binoculars

Great War Hunsicker & Alexis Officers Binoculars

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A fine pair of Great War binoculars, made by the French company Hunsicker & Alexis.

The company built binoculars for the French army, and many ended up in use by the British Army.
The were renowned for their effectiveness and being perfectly collimated, as the lenses were cemented inside.

The lenses and eyepieces seem in fine fettle and not damaged or chipped as pictured. The back of the body s stamped with 'M G' and the serial 'S. 1. 77182'. It would appear one small screw is missing or has sheared, as can be seen below the 'M G'. The manufacturers details are stamped on the opposite side. On the front of the body two pairs of War Department inverted arrows can be seen, indicating decommissioning.

There is some paint loss to the body of the binoculars revealing the brass beneath, there is some minor loss of leather to the handgrips as well. The leather neck strap is intact but is well used with some surface cracking.

This pair come in their original case, with spring strap closure, unfortunately the shoulder strap is missing. The case is in good shape and bears the War Department issue arrow to the front; indicating British use. The black cushioned lining is intact and clearly bears the French manufacturing details.

Overall, a good pair of Great War binoculars as used by both British and French troops.