Great War Era Officers Service Dress Jacket Ex- Cuff Rank

Great War Era Officers Service Dress Jacket Ex- Cuff Rank

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A Great War era officers tunic that likely dates from 1917 to the early 1920s, having had all insignia including cuff rank removed. The epaulettes extend under the collar, a common feature of tunics post-1917.

The condition is somewhat poor, with some extensive moth damage to various areas, unfortunately it appears to have been stripped of its insignia some time ago. There are also traces of red thread to the upper sleeve, likely indicating the removal of formation patches. There is a full complement of partly mismatched leather football buttons fitted. These buttons are likely not original to the jacket, and have probably been added for display purposes at some point. The lower below pockets have the additional buttons sometimes seen to secure pocket contents from falling out, more of a mark of a field jacket. The material itself is not badly worn, but is has suffered from moth attention. This is particularly evident on the lower skirt portions and pockets.

Much of the original stitching to the cuffs has been left on place after removal, including the seams which have been opened up at the bottom from the surgery. These have been tack stitched back in place, probably around the time the buttons were fitted.

Size is approximately 38-40 chest, 25 inch shoulder to cuff and 34 inches base of collar to hem.

An ideal wartime period tunic as a gap filler or for a display with multiple mannequins.