Great War Era Canadian Grey Wool Blanket Horn Bros.

Great War Era Canadian Grey Wool Blanket Horn Bros.

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A nice example of a full size grey wool blanket, made by 'Horn Bros' of Ontario, who supplied blankets to the Canadian Expeditionary Force for use overseas.

This pattern has a central dark grey bank running through it, with a dark grey overlock to the edges as is a common feature for Canadian and US made items.The simple white makers label is very basic and quite unlike the later civilian examples seen in the 1930s. This example is believed to be Great War era, and is of a maker and pattern that did supply blankets to the Canadian Army during the war.

The condition is generally good overall, with some small moth holes in places as pictured. There are some areas of discolouration and stanining in places, though they are limited and do not detract much from the overall appearance. There is some stitch loss in places to the overlocking but very little overall. The nap is well worn but remains solid. A set of initials have been obliterated from one corner.

A good Great War era blanket as used Canadian troops during the war, such items of personal equipment are becoming harder to find.