Great War Double Buckle Sam Browne Belt

Great War Double Buckle Sam Browne Belt

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Good and reasonably scarce example of the double buckle Sam Browne belt, designed for using two brace straps to form an equipment set for use in the field. This meant adding an extra brass loop to the right hand female side.

This example is generally in very good condition with only minor wear and grazing to the leather. The stitching remains strong, while to reinforcing to the inside has some minor wear.

The brass work has been given a light polish and the leather a good coat of neutral dubbin. The brasses are generally clean and free from surface degradation, they would clean up to a high polish if required.

No date is visible, however I have encountered double buckle belts from 1900 to 1940. These were perhaps most known from Great War use.

When fixed in the correct position the waist measures approximately 32-33 inches.