1915 Dated 08 Pattern Large Pack

1915 Dated 08 Pattern Large Pack

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1908 pattern large pack, designed to carry the greatcoat amongst many other personal items of kit such as socks, mess tins etc. when wearing Full Service Marching Order.

This example is maker marked Mills Equipment Co and dated 1915. This pattern features riveted shoulder tabs to the rear and some faint minor unit type marks to the rear.

The webbing is in good overall condition and has had a light blanco coat. There is some inevitable grubbiness from field use but nothing more than minor tarnishing to the brasses and some pulls and fray to the webbing. A few digits of a number have been inked to the rear, whilst there is evidence of some kind of cotton label to the bottom, possibly an identifying label of an officer.

This pack does not come with any supporting straps, it is just the pack pictured.