1911 Hook Quillon 1907 Pattern Bayonet 8th South Staffs

1911 Hook Quillon 1907 Pattern Bayonet 8th South Staffs

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A fantastic 1907 pattern bayonet complete with hook quillon, dated 1911 and made by Enfield. There is a unit marking to the hilt, this is for the 8th Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, with a previous unit marking that looks to be the 8th Welsh Fusiliers. There is sadly no scabbard for this blade, though replacement later patterns do make themselves available from time to time.

The blade and handle both appear to be in fine fettle, though there is some damage and pitting to the blade point on both sides. The rest of the blade is clean and rust free, while the hilt and handle are in good solid shape with some minor rusting to the grip nuts and base of the blade. There are some surface dents to the wood of the handle and some overall spotting of verdigris to the blade as pictured. This could likely be rectified with some oil and a gentle scrubbing. 

The quillons were a pre-war design, the thought of which involved hooking the opponents bayonet to pary. This design was typical of pre-war impracticability and they were eventually phased out. Many of these early quillon bayonets were converted to later pattern to prolong their service, having their quillons ground off and oil holes drilled into the hilt. This one remains unmodified.

The 8th Royal welsh Fusilers were formed at Wrexham in August 1914 and served in Gallipoli, Egypt and Mesopotamia. The 8th South Staffs were formed at Lichfield in September 1914 and landed at Boulogne on the 14th July 1915. Therefore there are some interesting dots on the map that point to the very intriguing possible service life of this bayonet. This is a true and unmessed with early quillon bayonet with unit markings, which are becoming much harder to find.