1908 Pattern Webbing Cartridge Carriers Set

1908 Pattern Webbing Cartridge Carriers Set

Code: 10353


A good pair of 1908 pattern webbing ammunition cartridge carriers, of the MkII (3rd issue) type. 

They look to be 1918 or 1919 dated, with the left hand pouch featuring the 1914 L of C modification to introduced short strap and loop arrangements to stop the cartridge clips from falling out when leaning against a parapet. Both pouches feature the unofficial and largely unknown modification of a grommet added to the 1 inch rear angled straps. This is believed to allow 1914 pattern packs to be worn alongside 1908 pattern, though little evidence appears to exist regarding this modification. 

Condition is largely very good throughout, the webbing has been lightly blanco'd but features no damage or rips. The brass work is in good clean condition on both carriers. Regrettably there are two poppers missing, though they do not affect the usage. The rearmost pocket of the right hand pouch is missing the lower male securing stud, this does not affect the closing of the pocket. The second missing stud is on the foremost pocket of the left hand pouch but again does not affect the closure of it. Both pouches are maker marked Mills Equipment Co. along with several stores stamps, one of which 'CH' is believed to be for the Royal Marines Garrison at Chatham.

Overall a good set of carriers, ideal to complete a set for display.