US Army/ USAAF Enlisted Man Peaked Cap & Badge

US Army/ USAAF Enlisted Man Peaked Cap & Badge

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Good example of the US Army/ USAAF Enlisted Man issue peaked service cap with round EM badge.

Condition is generally very good with no moth damage to the wool fur felt top and body, which is very thick and woolly. Stitching to the body is strong and the eyelets are in good shape. The russet brown peak and strap are in good condition, with only some surface cracking to the strap.The underside of the peak has hairline cracks and some scuff marks. The stitching appears to have mostly come away from the peak though it is not terribly noticeable. The lining is clean and undamaged, though the sweatband appears to be a replacement that has been rather crudely sewn. There is a plastic slot to the inside crown containing an identification sheet for the wearer, this has not been filled out.


The size is marked as a 7, though actual measurement is far smaller, more like 55cm.