Luftwaffe Flak Battery POW Souvenir RAF Side Cap

Luftwaffe Flak Battery POW Souvenir RAF Side Cap

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An unusual RAF Other Airmans side cap that has apprently been used by a member of a Luftwaffe Flak Battery.

The cap is named in ink on the inside sweatband, appearing to read 'Schutz P Höffler' along with '231 Flak'. '1941' is handwritten in a circle on the reverse. The sweatband has what looks to be 'Crankartz Hamburg' along with the date in ink. The brass buttons have been changed to German peddle buttons. The piece of serge material stitched to the front of the side cap behind the buttons has been removed and there is evidence of a triangular Luftwaffe cloth badge having been removed, along with fade marks where it has been.

From some minor research into 231 Flak, it appears that they served under Stab/Flak-Regiment 153 from June 1941 until March 1942 when they seem to have been posted to Russia. The timeline appears to make sense, however more in depth research is necessary. This item was possibly a trophy item taken from an RAF aircrew member by the Luftwaffe servicemen named, after having been shot down over Hamburg.

There is no provenance to this cap and this is subjecture in light of the inscriptions. It remains and interesting piece worthy of further research.