Large RAF OA Service Dress Trousers

Large RAF OA Service Dress Trousers

Code: 10270


Larger sized pair of late war RAF other airman's service dress trousers, these have black plastic buttons and a blue lining.

This pair are believed to be wartime, though late-war as the RAF began issuing service dress trousers with black plastic buttons as early as 1943. The lack of a label on the inside suggests these were issued with the label to the outside, a feature of wartime produced trousers. This would explain the absence of a label, and would indicate late war production.

The condition is fair, with the cloth being wooly and having a great nap to it. Unfortunately there is some moth damage to the crotch, with could possibly be patched.

They measure approximately 35 inches to the waist and 27 inches to the leg.