Large RAF OA Service Dress Jacket

Large RAF OA Service Dress Jacket

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Great larger sized example of the RAF Ordinary Airman's four pocket service dress jacket as issued to non-officer rank, complete with its belt.

This example is not dated and is unfortunately missing its label, there are no legible stamps to indicate a date. The indicators are all there for this to be a wartime jacket however, and it does not feature lighter stitching as some post-war examples do. The shoulders are also fitted with the wartime pattern embroidered albatross badges, another suggestion that it is a wartime tunic.

The condition is very good, with only some minor overall wear and some moth damage to the cuff. There is also a small nip to the left breast near the seam. I believe this could be repaired or patched without too much trouble.

Size is approximately a 40 inch chest and 38 waist, armpit to armpit measures approximately 20.5 inches, 19 inches across the shoulders, 19 inches across the waist, base of collar to hem 28.5, 24.5 shoulder seam to cuff. The belt itself measures 19 inches when correctly fastened on the middle hole.

Good large sized example, complete with its belt.