1951 RAF Aircrew Pilot War Service Dress Blouse

1951 RAF Aircrew Pilot War Service Dress Blouse

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An interesting RAF War Service Dress Blouse NP, dated 1951 bearing Flight Lieutenant insignia and King's Crown pilot wings and medal ribbons to include the New Zealand service medal.

The blouse is sadly unnamed but from the badges it can be seen he was an RAF aircrew pilot volunteer from New Zealand, who flew on operations prior to the 6th June 1944 over France & Germany and/ or the Atlantic. This can be assumed by the combination of medal ribbons to include the Air Crew Europe Star with rosette; now sadly missing, along with the New Zealand Service Medal.

The blouse itself is in fair condition with some small moth nips and grubbiness as pictured, the inside of the blouse has been lined by a tailor on request of the wearer. The ribbons has a certain amount of wear, along with the aforementioned missing rosette to the ACE ribbon.

It is marked on the label size 10.

Whilst a post-war blouse, this clearly belonged to a Commonwealth member of aircrew and is a lovely example of early post-war continued service in its own right.