1941/42 RAF OA Service Dress Matching Uniform Jacket Size 13/27

1941/42 RAF OA Service Dress Matching Uniform Jacket Size 13/27

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A good matching set of RAF LAC service dress comprising of jacket, belt and trousers, dated 1941 and 1942.

This set is numbered '1880485' to the same serviceman in both the jacket and trousers and has remained a set since his service. The service number matches to the block for Initial Training Wing at Cardington in October 1942. The four pocket jacket bears matching eagle shoulder badges to the top of each arm and a set of LAC rank insignia hand stitched to the middle of each sleeve. The issue label is still present machined to the lower lining stating the contract and size information, along with the date 1941. The jacket has a full compliment of brass RAF buttons, whilst the belt is present with brass prong buckle. The trousers are standard wartime production with brass dish buttons and white cotton drill lining. The issue label is also present to the rear seat, stating the manufacturer as 'Verner & Baxter Ltd.' along with the date 1942. One of the brass buttons has been period replaced with a white plastic button. 

The condition leaves a little to be desired in places, as there is a smattering of small moth holes in places. There is a pair of slightly larger holes to the rear of the trousers along with some grubbiness and wear around them. The jacket has some moth damage to the button of each breast pocket and a few small holes to the lower hem near the dressing pocket, though this is disguised when the jacket is closed. There is some minor grubbiness and wear to the cuffs of the sleeves and a couple of small nips to the upper sleeves. The rear of the tunic has a hole along the seam at the base above the rear vent, though is not very noticeable. The tunic belt has some small holes and wear in places and some more significant damage to the inside of the belt, which would obviously be hidden when secured. The trousers have a couple of holes to the lower legs and a couple of small ones in the crotch. There is some slight grubbiness and wear to the cuffs of each leg through use though this is rather minor. The two larger holes are to the rear of the seat, though could possibly be cleaned and patched. It is likely that many of the moth holes could be sympathetically repaired if desired, as it stands no work has been carried out.  

The uniform is a rare tall size, though has been tailored for the serviceman for a slimmer fit, the alterations make the jacket slightly slimmer at approximately a 37 inch chest, though the length appears unaltered. The trousers are approximately a 32-33 waist, the length also appears unchanged. Despite the minor alterations, taller sized uniform is much harder to find and would display very well.

Overall a well used uniform with some moth damage, however it remains a good matching set with early dates and issue labels. These are becoming harder to find in favour of post-war dated uniform.