Brass Wellington Desk Model Trench Art

Brass Wellington Desk Model Trench Art

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Solid brass model of a wellington bomber, as would have been mounted on a base and adorning a desk or mantelpiece.

These aircraft often appear in wartime films on RAF and USAAF officers desks on bases, and proved a popular home decor feature in the post-war years.

There are some minor dents, scratches and imperfections, though I believe it to be made like this suggesting a theatre made model perhaps in the Far East.

This example has a screw recess to the underside, allowing a base to attach. Sadly this is missing but could be replaced.

The brass could do with a polish to restore it to its former shine, however it has been left as is. This type of model unlike others; were never fitted with propellers, therefore once mounted is therefore complete.

The model measures 4.5 inches along the fuselage and 7 inches wingspan.