Great War Era French Folding Lantern & Pouch

Great War Era French Folding Lantern & Pouch

Code: 10417


Lovely French army folding lantern dating to the Great War period, with a canvas pouch that is thought to be slightly later though could well be of the same period.

The metal work is in fair but worn condition, all screws and fittings are present to enable it to fold though it is a little stiff. There is a carrying handle to the top which clips into place when the panels are folded flat, along with two carrying handles to the rear. Two pains of glass are fitted into the body on the side panels, they appear in good condition. There is a circular dip in the base with a spike in the centre to allow a candle to be held in place. There is wear from use to both the metalwork leading edges, along with the pouch. The wear to the pouch is consistent with use, indicating they have remained together for a long time. The zinc metal nuttons are stamped 'Militaires Equipements'. 

The pouch has the service number '231060' inked into the inside, from the appearance it is thought to have been used together in the inter-war to early WW2 period.