1939 Home Front MKII Steel Helmet

1939 Home Front MKII Steel Helmet

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A standard issue MKII steel helmet dated 1939 and used on the Home Front, having had a triangular decal or painted badge to the front.

Unfortunately this decal has been scratched off at some point leaving very little trace apart from some red and black to the edges, it is currently unidentified. The shell itself has been repainted in a thick hand painted dark drab as appears common on a number of Home Front helmets including Fire Service. There is some overall wear to paintwork, the decal having been removed to the point of bare metal inside the triangle. The top securing nut has been painted orange to the top, with an unusual securing nut to the inside, as is also sometimes seen on Home Front helmets. The liner is a standard issue early round crown pad type, made by 'J.C.S & W Ltd' in 1939 and is a size 7. There is a fair amount of surface wear to the liner and crown pad and cushion pads. The chin strap is a standard sprunf cotton drill version with blackened brass buckle.

Overall an interesting example of a helmet used on the Home Front.