1937 Civilian Respirator & Tin County of Northumberland

1937 Civilian Respirator & Tin County of Northumberland

Code: 10387


Complete 1937 civilian respirator with early metal tin, spare canister and instructions leaflet for the County of Northumberland.

The metal tin was intended to be replaced with the cardboard carrier of later issues as the instructions leaflet details.  This one however was clearly never replaced. Due to the impracticality of the design, private purchase variants could be purchased making it easier to carry. This example is an issue varety with the instructions 'Close Immediately After Use' stamped into the lid. The tin is slightly dented to one side, yet opens and closes without incident.

The mask itself has suffered from poor storage over time and the rubber has several splits, having formed in a pinched shape. The plastic eyepiece has cracked and folded though the straps remain in good condition. The spare canister is in good overall shape, having been taped to be more secure. The componenets are all nicely stamped and dated 1937.

Whilst a relatively common item in rather poor condition, it is a lovely untouched set.