1907 Wilkinson Bayonet & Scabbard Unit Marked

1907 Wilkinson Bayonet & Scabbard Unit Marked

Code: 10125


Good example of the standard 1907 pattern bayonet as used by British and Commonwealth troops from the Great war through to the Second World War.

This bayonet is unit marked with the butt number '1045' along with an unknown unit stamp 'P & P' just beneath it. The scabbard also bears a butt number to the very top, however it does not match that of the bayonet itself.

The blade bears the royal cypher and what appears to be the date of either January 1908 or 1918 as it reads only '8' on the right of the cypher. There are various stampings to the rear to include proofing and blade test marks.

This example has the hole drilled for the oil hole and bears characteristics of the later issue bayonets. However the unit stamps seems to be primarily a pre-/ early war addition. Therefore it is possible that is is a pre-war example that has been converted for later use.

Condition is very good on both the blade and the scabbard. There is some wear to the metalwork and also the leather scabbard. The bayonet comes complete with its round pommel scabbard. The release button on the handle, is a little stiff but works correctly.